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Single Parents

Our office has extensive experience in helping single individuals who seek to build their family through gestational surrogacy. There are various legal mechanisms for a single individual to achieve parenthood through use of a Gestational Carrier - be that using donor sperm or donor eggs.  Whatever assisted reproduction path meets your needs, we can assist you with the legal framework to achieve parentage.

Our office handles the legal process in its entirety from drafting the Gestational Agreement to finalizing your legal parentage.  A significant benefit of working with our office is that you are not required to appear in Court as we present all affidavits to the Court on your behalf. We also act as a liaison for you at the hospital where your child will be delivered.

Gestational Agreement

We will prepare a Gestational Agreement that conforms to the discussions and desires of the parties, and then submit it to the Intended Parent for review. The Gestational Carrier will have separate legal counsel to review the Agreement with her. Upon execution of the Agreement, we will submit a legal clearance letter to the IVF physician.  The Intended Parent and Gestational Carrier can then proceed with the next step in the medical process.

The Gestational Agreement must be executed by all parties at least 14 days preceding the date of the transfer and must set forth specific facts regarding the nature of the arrangement as well as the rights, privileges, duties and obligations of each party to the Agreement. The Agreement must further set forth that the physician informed the parties of the rate of successful conceptions and births attributable to the procedure, the potential for risks associated with fertility drugs used in any retrieval or transfer procedure, and the reasonably foreseeable psychological effects resulting from the procedure.

Legal Process

Because there as are differing protocols for the establishment of parentage using donor sperm, donor egg, donor embryos, and Gestational Carriers, we need to consult with you directly regarding the specific parameters of your case to give you a clear pathway to parentage.  Consultations are free. 

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