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Gestational Carriers

A Gestational Agreement is a necessary legal component of any Gestational Surrogacy Arrangement. Our office represents Gestational Carriers in the drafting/reviewing and negotiation of these Agreements. A Gestational Agreement is entered into between you and your Intended Parent(s), and it sets forth the rights, privileges, duties, and obligations of each party to the Arrangement. This Agreement typically details the financial support you will be paid, sets forth the provisions for any travel requirements, and places requirements on the Intended Parent(s) for reimbursement of other expenses you may incur such as uncovered medical expenses, childcare, and lost wages. These Agreements also address unanticipated events like physician-ordered bed rest and loss of insurance.

It is imperative that you are adequately represented in this process. A Gestational Agreement and the contractual provisions therein can be vitally important. Our office has represented hundreds of Gestational Carriers, and we can assist you in negotiating a fair and equitable Agreement that also ensures you are protected.

In addition to the joy, fulfillment, and commitment involved in a Gestational Surrogacy Arrangement, medical risks are associated with any pregnancy, which include carrying and delivering multiple children, Cesarean-section delivery, and physician-ordered bed rest. These risks, along with many other medical risks associated with pregnancy, should be carefully considered prior to a Gestational Carrier’s final decision to participate in a Gestational Surrogacy Arrangement.

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