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Amanda Warren


Amanda Warren is an attorney licensed in the State of Texas who has helped create families through adoption and assisted reproduction since 2005.  Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and French from Austin College in 1998.  After teaching English in Japan from 1998-2001, she returned to Texas to pursue a juris doctorate from Texas Tech University School of Law.  In 2005, Amanda had the great fortune to join the Law Office of David C. Cole, P.C. a law practice devoted to family-building through gestational surrogacy, ova/sperm donation, embryo donation, and adoption.  Unbeknownst to Amanda at the time, this field would be become personally relevant when creating her own family. 

Amanda brings an empathetic and kind approach to her work, understanding that the stress and emotions involved in assisted reproduction require sensitivity and compassion.

A family move in 2013 spurred Amanda to become a solo practitioner, developing a very successful adoption practice helping Texas foster parents adopt children victimized by abuse and neglect. Since opening her solo practice in 2014, Amanda has successfully finalized over 1000 adoptions in the State of Texas.  In 2020, Amanda co-founded Chiles & Warren Law Group, PLLC, a practice exclusively devoted to the legal aspects of family building through assisted reproduction.

Amanda lives in a small town just north of Dallas with her spouse and two children.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hiking, cooking, being outdoors and enjoying as much live music as possible.

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